Top Ten Vintage Collectibles #6 - Electronics & Tech - Any Old Vintage

Top Ten Vintage Collectibles #6 - Electronics & Tech

Technology has rapidly advanced since the 1990s, with the vast majority of people owning a smartphone with access to the internet. But, alongside this rapid expansion of the tech world, there has been a nostalgic desire  to collect some of the first electronic and techy gadgets that came into existence.

Games consoles from the 80s and 90s – the SEGA Megadrive, the Nintendo 64, and the original PlayStation, to name but a few – and older games are in high demand, alongside some of original, packaged Apple products, particularly if they’re still in mint condition.

And it's not only the tech itself that's collectible. I sold a bunch of old Game Boy games some years ago on eBay. I'd lost a couple of the games, so out of interest just auctioned the empty boxes. My Super Mario Land box fetched more then most of the boxed games!

What have you got lurking in your attic?

Photo by Adam Mills on Unsplash.

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