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Boxed Vintage Stalker Ranger 1992 Action Man

Boxed Vintage Stalker Ranger 1992 Action Man

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Specially numbered Action Man 1992 collector's edition, Stalker Ranger. Others in the edition are Duke, Cobra Commander and Snake Eyes.

Stalker Ranger features Special Forces black beret, Berreta 9mm with shoulder holster, Stinger dagger with sheath. .30 calibre Browning machien gun, X-8 blast grenade and smoke bomb, backpack, jungle footwear. two bandoliers and dog tags.

Machine gun has light and sound action. (Not working via button accessed through hole in back of box - assume needs a new battery, since this figure has not been out of the box. The sealing tape is intact.)

Box has light scuffing at corners and some light creasing, but in generally VG+ condition. Figure and accessories are unboxed Mint.

Box dimensions: 31 x 22 x 6 cm.

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